Make Money With Virtual Visits For Adsense

You can also clicks for opponents adwords ads after doing the same settings.

Hi dear friends,

This writing will be about cookies which websites utilize to store visitor data and settings. From the biggest to the smallest, all websites use cookies. From Google, yahoo, yandex, youtube to facebook twitter, bing, and other smaller portals, almost all Internet portals utilize them in order to track visitor actions. Transmission of information including memory of customer passwords and settings, period of time spent on a website, pages browsed, frequency of visits and how a website is accessed is performed by cookies.

At this specific point, I will talk about a great logical weakness involved in the use of cookies and how to transform it into a great advantage. I will example one and maybe the greatest of them. I will talk about how to increase our income by clicking our Google AdSense ads which we integrate into our Internet sites. I admit that what I do is not right or ethical but I do this to attract attention to a weakness, to warn advertisers about the fact that publishers fail to provide ad security, and to contribute to the creation of a solution. I also want to remind that Google has an award program for such bugs and weaknesses. I sent to security team  4 or 5 emails and my details report to them about this issue but they did this answer on last mail. “thanks for your PDF! We’ve taken a look at your submission and can confirm this is not a security vulnerability, but we do appreciate you sending us detailed information about your discoveries.“ Hahahahhaaa… look this answer.

Now let’s assume that you have AdSense ads integrated into your website. Google makes a payment at about 1/10 for each click on the ads in your website. So I guess that for an ad of 2 lira CPC (Cost per Click), it pays about 20 kurus or less. So such ads do not produce great revenues. Google receives the greater part of the cake, of course. Google is the leader of this market indisputably.

From what I will explain now, do not ever think that you will click just our AdSense ads. Think bigger. For example, you can integrate one of your YouTube videos into AdSense, watch it numerous times and thus make money or you can have your own ads published at cheaper prices by exploiting the AdWords budgets your arrivals. Or you can use it to make SEO criterions and to improve your website’s ranking.

Okay, let me cut it short and show you how to make money by our AdSense ads through some settings. Friends, we need first to adjust the settings of our browser. For example, I chose chrome and I will make my explanations using it. The settings of other browsers are generally the same.



Now, we go to the settings.



At the bottom of the page, click Show advanced settings.



Then, under Privacy, click Content settings.



Here we will make the settings about how to use cookies in the browser.


Under Cookies, we have four preferences. Among them, tick “Keep cookies and site data by default until you quit your browser”. So when you close and restart your browser, all of the former cookies are to be deleted. It is important here that the option “Block third-party cookies and site data” is not ticked. If you tick it, Google, which is the third-party in connection with our AdSense ads in our website, will not be able to send its cookies and therefore our clicking will be in vain. In this situation, clicks will appear in our Google AdSense reports but in the end of the month, they will be considered as invalid clicks and thus they will not be paid for.


Then, select “Show all cookies and site data” and delete all the former cookies.




Then in the “Location” settings below, we will prevent websites from learning our location.


Therefore, click one of the options from among “Do not allow any site to track my physical location” or “Ask me when a site tries to track my physical location” because we do not want them to learn that we access from the same location when we are done.

That’s all for the browser settings, pals. Close all the windows and the browser and proceed with the second stage. I want to specifically mention that these settings are also contained in all other browsers. So you can make the same settings with them as well. As I most frequently use chrome, I gave the example with that. Also, the settings I explained above are performed only for once.



Now, let’s continue with the second stage. At this stage, we will reboot our modem because we need to obtain a new IP address after each click. For this, I have created a simple command file for connecting to telnet and rebooting the modem from its interface. I share it with you.


Resetting your modem by telnet…


Now we can open our browser, go to our website and begin clicking.

Go to your website containing your AdSense ads. Surf your site randomly. After visiting a few pages, click your ad and go to the other site. On that website, surf a little bit so that uncle Google does not become aware of the situation. That’s all. Now we can close our browser and reset our modem. And then repeat it… This is an endless loop…

Of course, if you follow these steps yourself manually, you will have to spend too much time and labor. Instead, I compiled a script which performs 200 to 400 random clicks a day. And I earned in a single day the amount of money which I would otherwise earn in 3 years on a single PC. I actually enabled Google earn much more than I did myself. It was only the advertisers who lost. I might have been able to earn much greater amounts but as I said above, my conscience is not clear. Google is responsible for not ensuring ad security, not heeding warnings and not attaching sufficient importance to consumer rights.



As for carrying out the same procedure through cell phones and tablets, it is also very easy, pals. You need to install a few browsers like the android browser, chrome, Firefox, etc. depending on the rate of use. If it is an iPhone, Safari will be sufficient.

image017image019 image021 image023 image025 image027 image029



After clearing older cookies from their settings, you need to make the location settings.

image031image033 image035


For obtaining a new IP, take your phone to flight mode and back after waiting for 5 to 10 seconds.

image037image039 image041


That’s all, you go into your website, surf, click an add and then repeat the procedure. I have not yet beaten my brain to create an android-compatible script to carry out the procedure for us but I hope that we will solve that together. So we can visit our website from our cell phone, click our ads and earn money. Then we close our browser, get a new IP by the flight mode in the loop continues.


There are some important points about AdSense. Remember to preserve the “TO” rate, and do not click always from the same location. Expand your network from other cities. Randomize everything. In order to preserve the “TO” rate, draw on organic hit programs. So, do not have daily 50 clicks made for your website which normally gets 100 hits. So increase your hit as the clicking increases. Have the clicks made in parallel to your visitor statistics. That is to say, take into consideration such data such as 60% chrome, 20% Firefox, 10% explorer or 30% mobile and 60% desktop. Also remember that ads on English, German and French websites make you earn more than those websites in Turkey. And here is a very important point: Do not ever login to your Google account from the computer through which you have your virtual clicks or from the same IP, otherwise you will be suspended immediately. You can test this.


I wish that I could share with you the graphics in my accounts and the payments made but I will not do that because I would be revealed then.


As I said in the beginning, do not consider this just like earning money by clicking AdSense ads only. I just exampled AdSense to show how huge the weakness is. So we can benefit from this weakness in many other ways. For instance;


We can earn money by clicking our own Google AdSense ads…

 We can earn money by watching our own YouTube videos…

 We can increase our revenue by clicking the special ads that we publish in our website…

 In Google AdWords, we can decrease the credits of our rivals by clicking their ads and thus have our own ads published at cheaper prices…

 If Google has blocked one of our accounts, we can open a new one…

 We can use it to make cheats in online games…

 We can carry out many of the SEO criteria by this method…

I have not tested them but other websites in addition to the giants like yandex, yahoo, bing, facebook and twitter will also be influenced greatly by this. Remember that this is not a code bug and therefore there is nowhere they should take a precaution. Whatever they do, the solution will take much time. They will need to have radical measures. Even if they update their browsers now, it will take months. I figured out many things but none of them provided a real solution. Now I wonder how the giants of technology will solve that. What can they do? Will they force us to a static IP instead of a dynamic one or apply an ID to each browser or readjust their cookies or impose location tracking? None of these is possible in the short term. And it is a violation of user rights. No one wants to be tracked.

Also do not believe in such hearsays about getting Mac address or tracking of hard disk ID. The Internet is full of these nonsense but no one has actually performed a test of them. Getting the MAC address of a PC is the same thing as accessing all the information and files on that computer. If you do that, your browser or firewall will alarm stating an “Attack From A Website”. Besides, even if that was feasible, these can be changed easily either manually or through applications.

As a result, folks, user security on the Internet is very weak. There are great risks for advertiser companies and individuals. A solution needs to be figured out for the situation. All my efforts and the works that I carry out are for making a contribution, even if a small one, to the solution. Knowledge grows by sharing. Goodbye…

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